838-ST2VGA Adapter

Atari ST to VGA Adapter with Buffering!
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Introducing the 838-ST2VGA Adapter

This adapter allows the user to hook up their Atari ST computer to a VGA 15kHz monitor for color and 31kHz monitor for monochrome.

Adapter features:

> DIN 13 Female - Use a standard straight through male to male DIN 13 cable to go between the adapter and the Atari ST
> Video buffering of HSYNC and VSYNC lines to stabilize SYNC signals to allow for cleaner picture
> SYNC Cleaner circuit to cleanup abnormalities within SYNC signals
> ON/OFF pushbutton switch to switch between Color and Monochrome modes
    *** Be aware if you change resolution modes while the ATARI ST is powered up, it will do a hard reset. ***
> External Audio Out for use with Standard PC speakers to route 2 channel audio

Note *** Latest design does not require external power, adapter pulls power from the ST 12v line on the connector and regulates it down to the required 5v for the ICs.  

Units have been tested with Atari 1040ST and the Atari MEGA ST.

Note:  If you see vertical lines with the monochrome signal, it is an issue with your ST.  Refer to this link for resolution: https://forum.atari-home.de/index.php/topic,13248.msg251298.html#msg251298

The cable used for design and testing:

Note *** Monitors are different, you may have to adjust your monitor settings for a good picture such as phase variance, pixel clock settings, etc. 

Link to manual: 

Link to STL files for case:

All units tested prior to shipping.

This is for an assembled/tested PCB only.  STL files for a 3D printed case will be provided to all buyers.

All sales are final, no refunds if you decide you don't want it.  To get the pricing I need to offer at a good price goes by quantity of units ordered.