838-IO Plus - Limited Edition - RED

838-IO Plus - Limited Edition - RED PCB - Through Hole
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This unit replaces the original Texas Instruments Flex Cable Interface card.

Only the PEB and Side-card of the 838-IO Plus are RED - if 32k module is added it will NOT be RED.

This package is 100% through-hole components.  It is only sold in two options:
  • Assembled and Tested

This replacement removes the firehose type cable and elephant foot connector that plugs into the 99/4A console side port with a vertical standing interface utilizing a DB37 twisted paired cable that plugs in from the back to reduce desk real estate.

Allows for expansion within the side port connector with an optional 32k expansion card to free up an extra slot on the PEB. Additional expansion cards are currently in design mode.

The 838-IO Plus board is being offered in 3 different packages:
  • Bare Boards only (you source the parts)
  • DIY KIT (Bare Boards components - you build it)
  • Assembled/Tested - assembled and tested before being shipped

Demonstration Video: https://youtu.be/g6bb5DK2shI

Another video from a fellow TI enthusiast of the delivered card:
SHIFT838 Peripheral Expansion Interface (For the TI-99/4A) - YouTube

838-IO Plus Manual: http://www.shift838.com/support/838-IOP_manual.pdf

All cards will be built and tested before being shipped on the below TI-99/4A test system:
  • TI-99/4A
  • 32K CARD
  • FDC
  • TIPI
  • 838-Speech

Please allow 5 days for build and ship time.

  • 3D cases are not included but can be added to order. Please allow an extra day to print
  • Cable NOT included, must be ordered from (iec.net) as I no longer make the cable.  These can be ordered in 3, 4 and 5 foot lengths.  You can call them to order at (303)288-5000 and give them one of the below part numbers below:
      • L1177-03  (3 FOOT)
      • L1177-04  (4 FOOT)
      • L1177-05  (5 FOOT)
  • 32K expansion module NOT included must be added as option.

I have verified cables will work with 3, 4, 4.5 and 5 foot lengths in a twisted pair configuration.  

Cabled used: 50 conductor, twisted pair, dual shielding. I use the below link to the cable i purchase to make these:

28 Gauge 25 Pair Double Shield SCSI Cable - IEC

You can order the cable from IEC, you will need to call them at 1-303-288-5000
The part numbers for the cables are:
  • L1177-03 (3 Foot Cable)
  • L1177-04 (4 Foot Cable)
  • L1177-05 (5 Foot Cable)

    User Manual with Wiring Diagram: 

    Standard off the shelf molded DB37 cables will not work!

    If you want to print your own 3D case the two that have been designed are in the linked file below at http://www.shift838.com/downloads/838IOPCASES.zip
    • Availability: Out of Stock
    • Model: 838-IOP-RED-LE
    • Brand: 838 Designs