838-Speech Adapter Board

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Product Description

Introducing the new 838-SPEECH v1 PEB Adapter card for use with the TI-99/4A and Myarc Geneve 9640 computers.

This card allows a user to remove the TI Speech Synthesizer (not included) from the original enclosure and plug it on top of the PEB board to reclaim desk real estate!

Place the card into the PEB (not included) in any slot after it has been powered off for at least 2 minutes.

Your PEB will now talk!

There are 2 different options for IC sockets for building:
- DIP Sockets (Dual-Wipe sockets - These are spring pressure and can fail, but typically I have only seen one fail if IC's are inserted and removed frequently.
- Machined Sockets - Besides these looking nicer in my opinion they have less of a chance of failure.  These sockets have machined rounded pins and fit nice and snug with the IC legs.  There is an additional cost to use instead as they are more expensive.

To see a video of the card working then go to my YouTube channel link below:

See Video Here

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PDF Manual is HERE
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  • Model: 838-Speech Adapter Board v1.0
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