Hardware for the Myarc Geneve 9640
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838 Drive Select Board v1.0
838-Drive Select Board (838-DriveSelect)
The 838 Drive Select Board allows 3.5 floppy drives that do not have a drive select jumper to be easily connected to your computer.  No more hacking of ribbon cables to get the appropriate drive number configured.

Simply connect the Drive side to the current 3.5 floppy drive and the other side to your controller via a standard straight through floppy drive ribbon cable (34 pin cable).  Then it is as simple as choosing what drive number to be assigned with the dip switch.

All boards tested before shipping.

Board color may change and component colors may change depending on stock.

****Floppy disk drive NOT included!****
****Floppy disk drive cable NOT included!****
838-Speech Adapter Board (838-Speech Adapter Board v1.0)

Product Description

Introducing the new 838-SPEECH v1 PEB Adapter card for use with the TI-99/4A and Myarc Geneve 9640 computers.

This card allows a user to remove the TI Speech Synthesizer (not included) from the original enclosure and plug it on top of the PEB board to reclaim desk real estate!

Place the card into the PEB (not included) in any slot after it has been powered off for at least 2 minutes.

Your PEB will now talk!

There are 2 different options for IC sockets for building:
- DIP Sockets (Dual-Wipe sockets - These are spring pressure and can fail, but typically I have only seen one fail if IC's are inserted and removed frequently.
- Machined Sockets - Besides these looking nicer in my opinion they have less of a chance of failure.  These sockets have machined rounded pins and fit nice and snug with the IC legs.  There is an additional cost to use instead as they are more expensive.

To see a video of the card working then go to my YouTube channel link below:

See Video Here

Please note all items are shipped with insurance.

PDF Manual is HERE
IDE V3 with BQ4847
838-IDE V3 (838-IDEV3)
Please be sure to read the entire below description before making your purchase to make sure you know what you are buying and what is included with the various options.
Introducing the 838-IDE V3.0 hard disk controller for the TI-99/4A and Geneve 9640 computers.

Please allow one week for build and testing.

Original concept by Thierry Nouspikel (2005).

Introduction and demonstration video: CLICK HERE

This IDE version has been converted to a 100% through-hole component design.   Designed to be used with the 838-RTC module or an original BQ4847 RTC.

  • Support for 2 physical IDE devices (Primary and Slave)
  • Each device can have 4 partitions of 260mb each.
  • Support for standard 40-pin IDE connector
  • Support for Standard 44-pin IDE connector
    • 44-pin has power and ground already wired into the connector.
  • 5v power and Ground via (This can be used to power a IDE2CF Card or IDE2SD Card)
    • 2-pin header
    • 4-pin 3.5 type Molex connector
  • DC/DC 5v converter replaced standard LM7805 voltage regulator
    • This upgrade allows the card to run substantially cooler, an average of 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the standard 1.5amp LM7805 with heatsink.
  • Can use an existing 5v 838-RTC Module or original BQ4847 RTC.
Please note when connecting devices to the card you must choose either 40-pin IDE or 44-pin IDE.  Do not use both at the same time.

  • Assembled and Tested - includes a complete board assembled and tested (buyer must choose IC socket type and clock module type during the purchase process).
IC Sockets:
  • Standard Dual-Wipe (which are spring or pressure type sockets for IC's)
  • Machined Round Sockets

Real Time Clocks available (if in stock will display in options)
  • 838-RTC Module IF AVAILABLE (Includes an assembled/tested 838-RTC with CR2032 installed)
  • Original BQ4847 (IF AVAILABLE) by Texas Instruments or other manufacturers - Internal battery has passed voltage test.
CF Card Adapter:
  • Single CF Card Adapter currently, plugs directly into the 40-pin IDE connector, does require power to be supplied by a Molex power cable (purchased as an option) or a standard 2 pin jumper wires.  This adapter will give IDE1-4 with each partition being 260mb.
  • Dual CF Card Adapter.  This adapter plugs directly into the 40 pin IDE connector, requires power supply by the Molex power cable (purchased as an option) or a standard 2 pin jumper wires.  This adapter will give IDE1-4 on the Primary CF Card and IDE5-8 on the Slave CF Card, each partition being 260mb.
Power Cable:
  • Female to Female 4-pin Molex (only 5v and Ground is connected) - This power cable will connect directly to a device that supports a 3.5 standard type of Molex connector.  Note - this power only supports 5v and is perfect for the CF Card adapter or SD Card Adapter.
Selected System:
This option is just to let me know what to configure the card for before shipping.
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