SCART-Genie 9640, AVPC & EVPC

The SCART-Genie has been designed for the Myarc Geneve 9640 or TI-99/4A with the AVPC card as well as the TI-99/4P (SNUG system) with the EVPC or EVPC-II.

This little device cleans up both the horizontal and vertical sync signals and will output the cleaned signals including RGB and Audio to the required outputs for a SCART enabled monitor that supports the 15kHz signal.  The device utilizes the LM1881 sync separator to clean the signals.  It has a dip switch that allows for selection to allow the SCART-Genie to be powered by the Geneve, AVPC or EVPC cards as well as internal or external audio selection.  If external is selected then standard PC type speakers with a 3.5mm stereo audio jack is required.

The unit will hook up with a standard male to male SCART cable and a straight through cable for the specific card such as a 8 pin DIN male to male for the Geneve, 6 pin DIN male to male for the AVPC (C64 serial cable works) or a 9 pin DSUB for the EVPC.

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Image is of the 9640 version.

Download Manual HERE