838-IDE V3

838-IDE V3

The 838-IDE V3 board allows a TI or Geneve user to to access a IDE mass storage device such as IDE hard disk drive, IDE to CF Adapter, IDE to CF Adapter or other type of IDE LBA supported device for mass file storage.  The original concept was created by Thierry Nouspikel back in 2005 with 98% surface mount components.

This card has been redesigned to use 100% through hole components.  I have removed a two of the harder to find real-time clock chips and stuck with the BQ4847 or the 838-RTC module which is designed around the BQ4802 RTC, which is pin compatible to the BQ4847.  Both of these RTC's do require the external SRAM.  I have replaced the standard 1 amp 7805 voltage regulator with a 2 amp DC-to-DC converter, which reduces the amount of heat by 50 degrees.

This card will work on the TI-99/4A, TI-99/8 and with the latest MDOS (v7.42 Development) with the Geneve 9640.

There are now two types of IDE connections, standard 40-pin and 44 pin.  The 44-pin provides 5v power to power a 44-pin device, where the 40 pin device requires external power to power the device.  i have added a Molex connector and jumper pins to provide 5v and ground.  If using a full hard drive then an external power supply must be used.

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